Friday, 9 September 2016

Links to dropbox downloads of commentaries on military, security and strategic affairs

Links below open up some 1300 pages of my published and unpublished writings on military and strategic affairs, IR, military sociology, military history etc. 

They might interest strategic and peace studies students, strategy buffs, military members, academics and the attentive public. They will hopefully deepen insight into the military and aspects of security, even though some points might be debatable.

They offer some points worth reflection on the state of the army, military and politics over the past quarter century. They deal with nuclear issues, doctrine, counter insurgency, India-Pakistan relations, army and society, leadership, Kashmir etc.

The pieces are not in any particular order, but browsing through would throw up articles/commentaries of interest on both mainstream and off beat topics/subjects.  

These 500 odd pieces are in addition to my selfpublished books.

Collectively they flesh out the liberal perspective in security/strategic studies. Views expressed are personal.

Please feel free to share the links with any social media groups you may be on and with anyone who might similarly find the material useful.

Published writings - 

Unpublished writings - 

IR relevant writings - 

Miscellaneous writings -